Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month

We are just ten days from the beginning of September.  September is Pain Awareness Month.  What can we do to spread the fact that pain itself is an illness and not just a symptom of an illness?

  • Ask your local library if you can set up an information booth.  Print out some of the flyers available from different non-profits such as:,, US Pain Foundation, etc.
  • See if your local pharmacy will allow you to put fliers near the pharmacist counter.
  • Talk to people about your pain syndrome
  • Have a T-shirt made about your pain condition and use it as a conversation starter.
It is important for those of us with chronic pain conditions to help to educate the general community.  There may be someone that you reach out to who has an undiagnosed pain syndrome.  There may be someone you can educate.

It is difficult for some of us to get out and about.  If you have others in your community with a chronic pain syndrome, see if together you can man a booth at a health fair, county fair or in some of the locations mentioned above.

If you have awareness ideas, please share them with me and my readers.

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