Saturday, August 3, 2013

Going Gluten Free

Well today I am starting a gluten free diet.  It isn't because I have celiac disease or any known gluten sensitivities.  My PCP suggested going gluten free and preservative free to help with my joint pain.  I was eating preservative free during the four months that I lived with my daughter, son in law and grandson as they eat preservative and organic.  I did all of the cooking.

I ordered a cookbook that arrived today and did some grocery shopping as well.  I am not much of a bread eater.  So cutting out wheat bread shouldn't be a problem.  I actually made a gluten free potato muffing for my "kids" last week and it was very good.  I make a to die for pumpkin cookie recipe which I think that I can substitute the wheat flour with another.

The hardest thing for me to give up is my coke zero.  I brewed a large batch of green tea and started drinking that this morning instead of my morning coke zero.  I hate coffee.

After going gluten free for 8 weeks, I am going to add PurePea which has also been recommended.  I do not want to start both at the same time as then if I feel an improvement, I won't know which one it is.

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