Thursday, September 6, 2012

Involved in a legal issue regarding RSD?

If you are involved in litigation surrounding your RSD, you might want to look into having a life care planner who specializes in RSD to assist you in your fight.  There is an excellent article about it at (

It is an important part of your case to show what treatments you are likely to need while living with RSD.  Check it out.

Follow up on Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I haven't been blogging because my RSD spread into my hand after the carpal tunnel surgery.  I knew going into this surgery that there was a 50% chance of spread but my doctor thought that by getting Ketamine during the surgery and immediately after that this would prevent spread.  Well it did not.

I was started on LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone - and got another round of Ketamine.  Two and a half months after the surgery, my hand is improving.  A great weight has been lifted for me. I depend on my upper body to compensate for lower extremity RSD.  Not being to use my dominant hand was an experience that I never want to repeat.