Thursday, March 3, 2016


Anniversaries of the incident that caused our CRPS are difficult.  For me, this one is particularly difficult.  Twenty years ago today, on my way home from opening a home care case when I was hit head on by a 19 year old on her way to a date.  It is the 20 years that is tough.  From the beginning of 2016, it has been haunting me.  This is not like me.  It has been a really tough three months.

Today, I refuse to sit at home and cry.  I refuse to sit home and feel sorry for myself.  I plan to go out and do some shopping for my grandson and grand baby due this summer.  Tonight, my husband, mom and I are going out to dinner.  My accident was days before my husband's 40th birthday.  The accident ruined my husband's 40th birth but it will not ruin his 60th birthday.  My husband will be away on his birthday so we are going to go out and celebrate.