Saturday, October 12, 2013

November is CRPS/RSD Awareness Month

I will not be able to be on line for the first week of CRPS/RSD Awareness Month; there for, I will be posting 7 CRPS Facts or Fiction for the next 7 days both here and on Facebook.

1.  Fact or Fiction?
CRPS/RSD can not spread beyond the injured limb

Fiction.  Although many physicians are not aware that CRPS/RSD can spread in the limb on the other side or up one side; it can.  The internal organs can also be affected such as the GI Tract, vision and hearing.  If you are told by a medical professional that CRPS/RSD is either
1. all in your head
2. not able to spread
3. will burn itself out

Find another physician as CRPS is a physical illness that can lead to depression.  It is the physical injury that comes first not the depression.

CRPS does spread and I have never seen it burn itself out.

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