Friday, October 4, 2013

New Writing Project

I worked as a pediatric nurse from 1991 to 2001.  People always ask me how I could work with children.  To me it is the best nursing job that there is.  We all have our own niche and mine was pediatrics.

After talking with Dr Pradeep Chopra, MD I realized that the pediatric population is under served when it comes to pain diagnosis and pain management.

I am looking for children - teens who have chronic pain.  What are their diagnosis?  How do they feel that they are treated?  Does the medical profession believe that they are in pain?  How does it affect their schooling?  Their families?

I would like to have some children - teens write about their experiences and share them with me.  With their parents' permission I would like to incorporate it into my book.  I would also like to hear from their siblings and parents on how they feel seeing their sibling/child in pain.  What helps them?

Please send these stories to
I will email you a release.
In addition to stories, photos of the affected parts of the body would also be appreciated.

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