Monday, January 30, 2012

A case a nerves

I'm sitting in a hotel room less than a mile from Hahnemann, too nervous to go get the free breakfast waiting for THE phone call!

Even tough I've done this several times before, I just want to get it started & not be sitting here freezing in this hotel room with nothing to do! I am tempted to just jump in a cab & show up, but as a nurse Iknow how disruptive that Canberra to a Monday morning. First impressions can make or break a hospital stay. So I will sit here impatiently freezing.

I listen to how badly so many other are doing in our group & wonder if I belong here? I know that over time, we get used to the levels of pain that we once thought were unbearable but some how you feel guilty because you've adapted and although the pain is worse than your "norm"; you don 't interprete it in the same way & with the same intensity as those who have had RSD less than...say 10 years.

Is it because we have accepted this level of pain as normal & don't expect it to be any different and only seek treatment when it breaks out of our "norm" or is there another reason? I hope in collecting the stories & perspectives of some of my fellow RSDers over the coming weeks & months to figure some of this out!

Well still no call so I'll get something hot to drink to warm me up then give Hahnemann a call. Did I say how much I hate waiting???

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