Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trial By Fire

Friday January 15, 2016 Trial By Fire made its red carpet premiere in Tampa.  Invited were people who were featured in the film.  Trial By Fire is a documentary film about CRPS.  Charles Mattocks (created and producer) has personal experience with CRPS.  His beloved mother has CRPS.  Charles set out to tell her story and the stories of others with CRPS.

Some of the recent press about the film:

I am honored to be a part of this story that will bring CRPS into the limelight.  The film, as of today, is entered in three film festivals in NYC, Miami and Hollywood FL.  This is just the start.  We need everyone in the CRPS community to rally together and promote this film.  It does matter if you were involved in the filming or not.  We need to all cut out this petty infighting and rally around Charles Mattocks and Trial By Fire!!

CRPS Partners In Pain, Inc is wiling to work together with any individual or organization to get the word out.  We need a voice and Trial By Fire is giving us a voice.  WE WILL BE HEARD!!

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