Monday, October 20, 2014


October, November and December hold a lot of memories from 2001.  It was October 26th 2001 that I was put into a Ketamine Coma in Germany.  At the time, we thought that this would cure CRPS.  That was not the case.  As of this post, ketamine coma is not available anywhere.

As a RN, I knew what the risks were of any drug induced coma:  respiratory illness, infection, blood clots, etc.  If I were presented with the opportunity to get ketamine coma treatment now; with the ketamine options available now that were not available then, I would not take the risk.  We now know that ketamine is needed on an ongoing basis and that it is not a cure.

I arrived back in the US on Veteran's Day.  My father, who was dying of ALS, went into a nursing home for two weeks, so that my mom could accompany me to Germany.  The entire time that I was awake, I was concerned that we would get a call telling us that he was gone.  It did not happen.  November 26 2001, my father passed thinking that my CRPS was cured.

December 14 was my father's birthday.  All special events are difficult once you loose someone.  This was particularly difficult as his birthday was just after his death.

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