Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tough Time

I have encountered a new health problem.  My adrenal glans are not producing normal amounts of cortisol.  Lately I have had no energy and an increase in pain in areas where I didn't have pain before.  My doctor suggested a saliva test.  It showed that I am not producing cortisol.

I have been trying to push through this but it is very difficult.  Some times this disease can be overwhelming.  It seems that every time you think that you have established a new norm, something new pops up. I am trying not to let it drag me down.  It is a tough fight.

We also lost another CRPS Warrior last week. I met Lisa and her partner at our CRPS PIP symposium last November.  It is so sad to loose such a vibrant person. I always wonder if there was something more that I could have done to get help for her.

I am trying to eat a healthier diet and have added resistance to my exercise bike.  It is really difficult to get motivated to ride it but I have making it a priority.  I have given up diet drinks.  I am trying not to eat processed foods.  We are getting organic fruits and veggies.  I even got Jim to buy free range chicken.

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