Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sad Day

Yesterday I resigned from Ketamine Klub.  There was too much stress and bullying.  K Klub has gotten too crazy with people worrying about who is friends with whom.  Although I will miss my friends in K Klub; I can no longer be involved.  This has me sand and depressed.


  1. I'm so very sorry that this has happened to you. The K klub should be a place where all who suffer from RSD/CRPS can come together and support one another. It is sad that we all can't "play" nicely. And I'm sorry to lose such a great leader and veteran of RSD.

  2. You'll be back, more refreshed, less likely to let people bother you, and ready to focus on your goal in Ketamine Klub! You have been at it a long time, have had some people giving you a hard time, and sometimes you just need a break from that so that you can see what is really important.

  3. Nancy I am sorry that you had to take a step back, but I understand. You have done so much to help so many people including myself when I was first diagnosed and I can't thank you enough! It makes life extremely difficult when your trying to help others and when people bully and always have negativity or always trying to be hostile. I hope you only the best in your future endeavors!!!