Sunday, February 3, 2013

New To RSD?

I have started a facebook page for those who are newly diagnosed with CRPS/RSD.  The link is above.  It will help you sort out doctors, treatments and share with others in the same situation.

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  1. i am not new to RSD but new to having peopple to talk to about it or read helpful things. I am kind of concerned about your site helping me. it sounds like your ketamine is totally different than mine. I live in mi-michigan, our ketamine here is you go to an iinfusion clinic and sit under an IV for 2 hours, get up and go home and go back for a 2nd treatment later in the week. and we swallow pills upon pills upon even more pills. i feel like a walking pharmacy. I am a mother of 3 beautiful, very patient, learned things early in life daughters. They have had to learn to cook, clean, help each other with home work etc. they are now 11,13 & 19. my 19 yr old moved out last fall because this desease created issues in my marriage and my husband walked out on us and she was forced to take on the mommy role of the house on many days that i couldn't. nobody asked her to do it and she did it for several years. she was 14 when i was diagnosed but sick since she was 13 or so. I have had no luck trying to find a "support group". I am now 38 years old and doing another round of 10 (2x a wk for 5 wk) and i do pt and ot and stellate ganglion nerve blocks & now starting lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks!!! I am confused with other peoples programs for help, different places they get help, (other than family), where to send my kids for help other than thier shrink lol, i'm not bad enough to get in home help, when i am will i be at risk of losing my kids?, how do i apply or where do i apply to get help to get my home made accessable?, my (shower is upstairs), or to get help getting a ramp outside? i don't know if you can even answer any of these questions. it has been 5 years and still no closer to getting help or answers.