Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm normal, not a celebrety or a monster!

I'm in Miami helping someone with RSD get her Ketamine, just as she helped me in March. There are some members on an online group that I belong to staying here as well. Some were anxiou to meet me, which was flattering. One young member treated me like a celebrety. Then there are others, who think that I'm an egomaniac when I share the history of Ketamine in Philadelphia (and possibly the US) of which I happen to be a part of. As a nurse, we are trained to teach people about their treatments including the history, of which I just happened to live. I'm just a normal person like the other members with RSD. I have good days and bad ones. Stress aggravates my condition just like everyone else. I'm a normal person trying to use my nursing education to educate and help others. It DOES make me feel useful for the first time since I had to stop working five and a half years into RSD. If that is wrong, then I'm sorry! I miss my little group and desperately want to return but without being added to this group and that group without my permission. I don't know if that is possible. Should I start my own secret group with people that I know and trust? But then I'm not reaching the newly diagnosed or the people who need help. Do I branch out and not just do Ketamine? The admins of the K Klub have that under control. So many decisions, but for now, I'm off to Seattle Sunday to get onto the Disney Wonder on Monday headed to Alska to celebrate my 55th birthday. I return to the Internet June 6th, not as a celebrety or a monster but as a normal person with RSD, who is a nurse, a wife or 34 years, a mom of 31 years and someone who some times cares too much. (((hugs)))

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